Lorna Morgan – Lorna Morgan and Jessica Justice on Boob Cruise 2000

Lorna Morgan and Jessica Justice on Boob Cruise 2000

Lorna Morgan and Jessica Justice on Boob Cruise 2000

Today's posting is comprised of two separate videos of Lorna Morgan and Jessica Justice from Boob Cruise 2000, the last one that sailed. Now, some of you might own Boobs Ahoy!, the DVD from that cruise, but the three hours of action on that DVD are only a fraction of the more than 50 hours of footage that was shot. Much of it has never been seen, and that would still be the case had Elliot James not sat down for hours upon hours recently, poring over more than 50 tapes. Don't feel sorry for the man. He was looking at video of some of the best busty babes ever. No wonder he kept disappearing to the men's lounge.

These videos show the girls romping on the beach in the British Virgin Islands. The girls couldn't be more different. Lorna is a busty natural from Wales, United Kingdom. Jessica was a feature dancer from Virginia, U.S.A. and won many dancing titles, such as Miss Nude Galaxy. Lorna is naturally stacked. Jessica received a little assistance. Lorna used to hang out with other girls-next-door like Kerry Marie and Jessica Turner. Jessica led the more fast-paced life and was best friends with Windy Leigh. Lorna is still doing a little bit of modeling. Jessica, to the best of my knowledge (and Elliot's, too), has retired.

Anyway, enjoy the premiere of this footage from Boob Cruise 2000. This is definitely a special event. Thanks, Elliot.

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Moeka Kurihara – Made in Japan

Made in Japan

Made in Japan

Guys, we've got to be honest. We had the damndest time understanding Moeka's email. She barely speaks any English and there's nobody in the Naughty offices who speaks Japanese. We all speak the international language of pussy, though. Online translators saved our asses, too. "Hello Naughty people," she wrote to us. "We attempted to share our photos with similar magazines in Japan, but we don't want recognition. So we decided to share with America! This makes us very horny!"

"We love people looking at our pictures. It is not proper in our culture to have sex in public, but we cannot help ourselves. My boyfriend has influence in his business, so we cannot share or have sex with a third person in our town, so we travel to Tokyo for group sex. I love being the naughty slut with two men having turns on me. My dream is to have a bukkake party some day, and my boyfriend wants to help my dreams. In exchange, he receives many two-girl oral sex when we travel to Tokyo. It is fun to share!"

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Kelly Kay – Over The Shoulder Boulder Holder

Over The Shoulder Boulder Holder

Over The Shoulder Boulder Holder

"Without a doubt, the most sensationally busty model I have laid eyes on," said G.S. of Yorkshire. "Beautiful eyes, angelic face, sensational body and boobs that I lose myself in. Kelly Kay is, and should be crowned, SCORE Model of the Year! She holds a special place in my heart."

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Sheridan Love – Top Heavy Chef

Top Heavy Chef

Top Heavy Chef

We hope the cooking channels don't start to copy SCORE and hire Sheridan Love and other big-boobed models after seeing this. Every SCORE guy would love to wake up, stumble into the kitchen and find this busty angel in a pink bikini making breakfast. When she appears at conventions and expos, her table is always jammed with fans wanting selfies with Sheridan.

Sheridan gets recognized a lot. "My boobs make me stick out a little bit. Or they stick out a little bit, at least. My brothers used to always say that my boobs would come around the corner before the rest of me!"

We asked Sheridan Love if she watches her SCORE videos at home.

"I don't watch my scenes because I know I'd be a harsh critic of myself," Sheridan replied. "But I do look at the pictures."

How can we change Sheridan's mind about that?

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Sheridan Love – Top Heavy Chef

Top Heavy Chef

Top Heavy Chef

You've heard of the Ramsey TV show Kitchen Nightmares? Sheridan Love (Hard SCORE 5 on DVD) is a Kitchen Wet Dream. Walking half-asleep in the kitchen and finding a scantily clad Sheridan preparing breakfast for you would be one of the greatest experiences a man could have. Not much cooking would get done. So who cares about that.

"I always feel more confident and relaxed on SCORE shoots. You guys were my first," says covergirl Sheridan, who recently tongue-tangoed with bombshell blonde Holly Brooks in a scene that included snapping selfies on a smartphone during their tittie-tussling.

So what makes Sheridan feel sexy?

"Sexy costumes, lingerie and stiletto heels. Not slutty per se. Sometimes I like the formal but sexy look too.
What's something Sheridan's done that was kinda kinky?

"I rode a dildo in the moving truck to Las Vegas. Bouncy seats equaled a good time! I also fucked a girl in the backseat of a car that was stuck in traffic while the cops were next to us."

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Destiny – Destiny Filled

Destiny Filled

Destiny Filled

Destiny is just our type of girl. And it's not just because she is thin in the waist and has lightly tanned skin, a spectacular ass and curves that don't quit. Don't get us wrong, we love all those things about this Miami Cubanita, but there's more to her to love than that. Destiny has the same basic needs we have.

Through a translator, Destiny told us that "being fucked very hard" is what sexually satisfies her the best. You can leave all the tricks, bells and whistles at home when you're with a chick like her. All she needs is a heavy piece of man-meat and a dude who knows how to handle a girl like her.

Our boy Rocky is that type of dude. He's personally slayed a mountain of bad bitches in his day, and a thick chick like Destiny has everything he looks for.

"I like passion," Destiny added when we asked her if she prefers if a man is passive or aggressive.

Rocky is sure to bring that passion as he beasts on Destiny in multiple positions. First she's riding him from the front, and then she flips around and twerks on his cock reverse cowgirl before Rocky smashes doggy-style. When they're finally done, Rocky douses her phat ass in cum.

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Linsey Dawn McKenzie – Linsey and Deanna Baldwin

Linsey and Deanna Baldwin

Linsey and Deanna Baldwin

LDM and American girl Deanna Baldwin were both shipmates on Boob Cruise #4 in 1998. This photo series was made in London during the summer of 1998, several months after this Cruise. Deanna is a blonde, but for this shoot she wore a brunette wig. For those of you who read SCORE Magazine in the '90s or are members of the Scoreland.com website, you'll remember Deanna. Miss Baldwin did a live chat session in '99 when Scoreland was doing web chats in '98 and '99, appeared in the video Bosom Buddies 2 (making out with Brittany Love) and also was in the Boob Cruise '98 video. Deanna's last pictorial was published in the October 2001 SCORE. She's dropped out of sight since then, which is a shame. We wonder what she's up to these days.

LinseysWorld hopes that this pictorial satisfies member D.S., who wrote the following letter. Linsey was a bit off-put by a couple of the comments, such as "...there are an awful lot of photos of you in your website with you dressed up in various guises..." and "It seems a pity to see you every week in a stale room undressing." But she doesn't consider it to be a harsh indictment of her portrayals and pictorials and takes no offense. She does point out that there's no 'd' in her first name and she thanks DS for being a part of LinseysWorld.

"Dear Lindsey, I must say to start off, that I heartily enjoy your website, having stumbled across it some months ago! Much as I enjoy the weekly viewing of your new photo sets, I can't help wondering when you might be doing something a little different from time to time, such as twosomes. You used to do them fairly frequently (having checked through your photo archive!), and yet it has been quite some months since you "involved" anybody else (preferably a female!) in your shoots. I am not complaining per se, but, you must admit, there are an awful lot of photos of you in your website with you dressed up in various guises. It seems a pity to see you every week in a stale room undressing. This sounds terribly like I am bored of ogling you! Fear not!, but I would like a change once in a while and some of your twosome photo shoots were pretty awesome and at least broke up the familiarity of the single scenes! Here's hoping you won't be too upset at the very mild criticism! Yours, D.S."

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